How to Build a $1m Dental Practice in 2021

Learn how to successfully navigate your practice through 2021

Hosted by:

Arun Mehra
Arun Mehra, FCA
Smita Mehra
Dr Smita Mehra, BDS MFGDPRCS

Dr Smita Mehra and Arun Mehra are the owners of the world famous The Neem Tree Dental group, in London, UK.

The Neem tree Dental group, established in 2002, is one of the leading private dental care groups in the United Kingdom, serving celebrities, sports stars, actors and politicians.

In addition, Smita and Arun are the owners of Samera, leading dental advisors to many thousands of dentists across the world helping them improve the performance and profits of their dental practices.

In this free webinar, Dr Smita Mehra BDS MFGDPRCS and Arun Mehra FCA discuss how to build a successful $1m dental practice. During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to clarify your vision to achieve your goal of building a leading dental practice
  • Building a leading patient centric team to help you build a world class dental practice
  • How to differentiate your dental practice from the competition
  • High performing digital marketing strategies to build a successful dental practice
  • Our 20+ years of tips to help you build a highly profitable and valuable dental practice
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