Download our Free Cash Flow Forecast Template

This Cash Flow Forecast can be utilised by any business to help plan and manage their monthly expenditure and income, better enabling you to maintain a budget and keep control of your working capital.

The template is currently filled in with example information to illustrate what a finished forecast may look like. Please feel free to delete these numbers and replace them with your business’s own figures.

How to Calculate Cash Inflows

To calculate your business’s incoming cash, please fill in the ‘CASH INFLOWS’ section with your gross turnover (including VAT), your standing debtors and the value of any furlough receipts you may have received from HMRC. Cells labelled ‘other’ have been left blank for you to include any other revenue streams.

How to Calculate Cash Outflows

To calculate your business’s outgoing cash, please fill in the ‘CASH OUTFLOWS’ section with your standing creditors and the various expenses currently listed. Again, cells labelled ‘other’ have been included for you to add any additional expenses you may have.

The forecast spreadsheet will then show you the net movement of your business’s incomings and outgoings. By also entering in your starting bank balance, the forecast then shows your business’s cash balance at the end of each month for the next year.

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