The World of Dentistry is Diverging

General Business Advice | 20 Nov 2020

For some dental practices 2020 has proved to be financially disastrous, whilst, for others, they have had their best quarter in history.


Simply put. Being prepared and adopting an entrepreneurial mindset.

Whilst many have flustered and panicked, the true success stories started way before COVID 19 even hit. 

Focusing their efforts on leadership, digital marketing, growth, team motivation, key metrics, operational excellence, cashflow…. to name a few.

The Conversation no-one is willing to have

Amongst all the chaos and financial challenges, there are many dental practices whose profits are rocketing, having their best quarter.

But you don’t hear about them on the news or social media.

Some of them maybe your friends or colleagues, but they are perhaps almost embarrassed to discuss their success – however, their success should come as no surprise because during every downturn this situation always arises.

Recessions and the destruction of the average dental practice

Now if it wasn’t for the NHS, many dental practices would have been wiped out a long time ago, but many have tried to keep their dental practice alive with the lifeline of an NHS contract, some even making a great success of it!

But as we all know, the NHS pot is only so deep, and at some point in time Rishi and Boris will have to decide on what they will fund or what they won’t.

In the good times, there are 3 types of dental practice:

  1. High performing dental practices
  2. Struggling dental practices who eventually go out of business 
  3. Dental practices that plod along, “The plodders”, they make enough to pay the mortgage but not much more.

But we all know in tough times, “the plodders” disappear. But where to they go?

They go up or down.

Either they become a high performing practice;

Or they go down and out of business – and disappear.

You only have one choice

So, if you are a “plodder” or are even a struggling practice, we believe you only truly have one path to survive, a path that requires you to adopt new ways of business thinking, whilst pursuing entrepreneurial excellence.

You’re either moving up or you’re going out. The good news, if you have the drive and will to move up, our regular webinar series on will help you drive your dental practice to the top of the pile.

The Good News

After 18 years of advising and running 100% private dental clinics Arun Mehra FCA, Dr Smita Mehra BDS and the Samera team share through live and recorded webinars how to build an extremely profitable practice, that not only survives but rises to the top.

18 Years worth of Data

Samera sit in a very privileged position as Dental Accountants to hundreds of practices, so we have 18-years worth of data that helps us know what works but more importantly what doesn’t. 

Coupled with also owning and running successful private practices ourselves, The Neem Tree Dental group, based in London and Surrey, we are in a very unique position to share our insight to those willing to rise to the top.

Why Webinars?

We believe webinars offer an excellent format for us to share our expertise to a large global audience. You can watch them live, or access them at a later date.

Through our webinar programme we will share with you everything we have done, successes and mistakes, so you can make a real profitable success of your dental practice.

Who should join?

You may be starting out, or been running a practice for years, this business programme is designed to radically transform your profits, so your dental practice not only survives but rises to the top.